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The Fox Spirit Da Ji

In this film, the famous classical novel "The Romance of the Gods" is captured. The son of Xibohou Jichang is the story of saving his father and fearless devotion.   During the Shang dynasty, the woman of Suzhou Hou Su, the woman of Suzhou, was a good-looking person. She was a child and a child. The Emperor of the Sui Dynasty, Xin Gang, used it for himself, and he was obsessed with arrogance. He heard the beauty of his own, and he was called into the palace. So a pair of lovers had to be separated; Xuanyuan’s graves were deceived by the son-in-law’s life. The ruined gas will be exhausted, and the millennium fox will be formed by the body of the singer, and will be favored in the palace.   Xibohou Jichang was imprisoned by Shangyu Wang. When his life and death were inconspicuous, his son Bo Xi was admitted to the rescued father and was killed in a dangerous situation. He was made into meatloaf and made a meat cake. Ji Chang had to eat his son meat for the sake of the world. The meat patties made by the mud, and then escaped from the pilgrimage, returning to the west to reinvigorate and fight against the merchants.

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Actors: Nanxun, Jiang Yile



Duration: 90 Menit

Quality:  Trailer

Release Date: 20 November 2018

Countries: China